Biogas plant in Solrod, processing seaweed biomass

Creating biogas from seaweeds biomass taken from the seaside.

  • Region Zealand, Denmark
  • Biogas TRAS 120 Type - B6112
  • 1 500m²

The plant is a first of its kind, converting seaweeds biomass into biogas. The plant is the first of its kind in Denmark to produce green energy out of seaweed. Today the biogas plant converts up to 6.000.000m³/y of biogas.

Converting seaweeds in biogas

The biomass consists partially of seaweed from the Bay of Køge and Solrød Beach improving the quality of the bathing water and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of the municipality.

In the late summer of 2015, the biomass was filled and in October the gas production was at approx 300 m³ of biogas an hour.

courtesy on Adrian Craig
kelp seaweed on the seashore

In Kürze

1 500m²
Anaerobic digester
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