Available colour range

Colours and contextures presented here are given as indicative colours. Please check samples for physical correspondence.

The following colours are the basic colours. Please contact us if you need any other colour.

The production of coloured membranes

With our broad experience in vertical integration and colouring solutions, we have the ability to produce the colouring solution itself, to blend that colouring solution into a homogeneous paste and varnish for the top coat and to apply those pastes and varnishes in the coating plant.

Sioen Chemicals

As part of Sioen’s vertical integration, our Sioen Chemicals department produces the pigment pastes and varnishes we use to dye our membranes. They produce colouring solutions for a vast variety of third party clients. About 70% of their production is used externally. Sioen Chemical’s colour range contains tens of thousands of colours.

Our coating paste

The pigment pastes are then delivered at our membrane manufacturing plant. They are mixed into the right colour and consistency.


For any of the coating technologies that are used, the precision of the coating layers always is decisive to reach homogeneous colours. Therefore, the distribution of the paste on the fabric is meticulously monitored in both direct coating, online and transfer coating plants where your membranes are made.