Clear warranties, good relationships

We have been around for more than a century as a producer of technical textiles and we have always worked in partnership with our customers. Outstanding quality is the basis of a long lasting relationship and so are the warranties. The purpose of our warranty is to provide comfort, in the form of a legally enforceable obligation that clarifies the parties' rights and obligations, and explains what should happen if something goes wrong.

Sioen’s warranty is a binding promise that our biogas membrane will remain in that state for a specified period of time if handled correctly.

As no two products are the same, no warranty will be the same neither. We have established a specific warranty for every product in our range that can additionally vary according to the colour that is chosen.

Vertical integration, an extra warranty for free

When you are buying construction goods, you always want to obtain warranties from the company you are buying from, but also from any other company in the supply chain who may be responsible for any material defects or other issues that might emerge.

Well, at Sioen, it is crystal clear: we produce all elements for your membrane in-house. We will never hide behind responsibilities of third party suppliers of yarns, colour pigments, varnishes, woven fabrics, scrims or any other element of your fabric. We are producing them all ourselves in our own state-of-the-art production plants in Europe. In addition, we are supplying them to other companies too, who in turn also need warranties. You see, here too, we have you covered.