Biogas membrane ranges

Renewable gases, including biogas and biomethane, are becoming instrumental in shaping the future energy mix. Their deployment will reduce dependency on natural gas. Additionally, it will substantially contribute to an integrated netzero energy system, encompassing the energy and agroecological transitions and helping to embrace circular economy.

Our membranes have been in use on biogas production plants in all five continents for more 10 years. With our biogas product range you get the best support with our technical know-how, with state-of-the-art membranes for the development of your demanding projects.

We developed and regrouped our product based on the different applications and the technical requirements of the industry.

The MASTER range regroups the membranes suitable for vegetal feedstock digestion.

The TRAS120 range includes the additional features to comply with the TRAS120 requirements (DACH markets).

The EXPERT range provides solutions with membranes where corrosive feedstocks are being used, where the project requires advanced chemical resistances and very low gas permeability.