On our state-of-the-art Sioen extrusion lines we produce 18.000 tons of high tenacity polyester yarns. With our yarns, we serve many applications and markets. We specialise in very technical bespoke yarns, tailored to the requirements of our customers. Our yarns for biogas are engineered and treated in a special way:

  • The yarns for biogas are produced on a dedicated extrusion line. This guarantees continuity and batch control.
  • We use a spin finish that is especially developed for biogas products.
  • When our high Sioen quality levels are not achieved, we recycle the batch.

Woven fabrics

More than 500 weaving looms operating 24/7 to make your fabric for tensile architecture applications. They are specially treated:

  • We produce the fabrics for biogas applications in a controlled atmosphere.
  • Fabrics have a special finishing treatment, in order to avoid fluffs.
  • Fabrics are pre-treated to make them low wick.
  • All fabrics for biogasgo through a meticulous camera inspection and a visual inspection by an operator.

Pigment pastes & varnishes

We are producing chemical additives used in the processing of pigment pastes and varnishes ourselves at our specialised chemicals plant. Those colouring solutions are engineered for biogas, taking all the special requirements of that market into consideration. The pigments and varnishes are used in our various coating plants and, depending on the coating technology, poured onto the fabric, transferred through a paper or dipped in a coating bath. We have a dedicated approach:

  • Special barrels are used for biogas pigments.
  • The liquid additives used for colouring are called colour master batches and resolve problems that are raised while manufacturing.
  • Our own formulated compounds enhance the physical properties of the polymer.