New dedicated biogas website

Sioen is proud to announce the launch of its dedicated website for biogas business experts. Our website contains all the information about our membranes for biogas installations, including specs and characteristics of our fabrics.

Our range for biogas installations contains three ranges – Expert, Tras and Master.

  • Our EXPERT membranes provide extraordinary properties for durable and efficient biogas reactor and gas holder flexible structures, even when dealing with corrosive, high protein content and grease feedstocks.
  • Our TRAS120 range fulfills all TRAS 120 requirements, and is designed to be chemical and biodigestion resistant, flame retardant, finished with a durable electrodissipative surface finish, have low gas permeability and high solar reflection index.
  • Last but not least, our MASTER membranes provide the necessary properties for durable and efficient biogas reactor and gas holder flexible structures.

Full with technical info
At Sioen, we believe in the power of biogas and its potential to make the world a greener and cleaner place. Our website is more than just a source of product information; it's a comprehensive guide to biogas membranes and their usage, maintenance, and sustainability.

We use only the best components to ensure the highest quality of our biogas membranes, with an emphasis on durability and optimal recycling along the entire value chain. Our commitment to sustainability is a cornerstone of our business model, and we strive to continuously improve it.

Take advantage of our dedicated website to find the perfect membrane for your biogas installation. Sioen is committed to providing the highest quality of membranes for biogas installations.

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