Sioen membrane in C2PN Ergie

A successful biomethane plant connected with a small familial farm

  • Bain-de-Bretagne, France
  • Biogas Master Type - B6166
  • 3 000m²

Biogas technology is making great strides in helping to reduce the environmental impact of energy production, and one of the examples is the C2PN Ergie biomethane installation in Bretagne, France.

Rural area fit for biogas

This biogamethane installation, operated by C2PN, a French company that specializes in the treatment and disposal of non-hazardous waste, has the capacity to digest 2,200 m³ of agricultural waste – 20% cattle manure, 50% hog manure, 20% CIVE and 10% corn. Thanks to the area’s high concentration of cattle farming, a biomethane plant was an ideal solution.

Not only does this biomethane installation reduce the environmental impact of energy production, but it also provides green energy to the gas grid. The energy produced in the biogas unit can provide 1,200 homes with gas all year round.

It sustains 100% of the gas requirement for 800 households in summer and 70-80% in winter (injecting 80Nm³ nominally).

Sioen membranes, an excellent choice

As leading producer of membranes for biogas plants, we provided the membranes for the C2PN Ergie biogas installation. Our Sioen membranes are designed to resist both oxidation and corrosion, enabling long-term reliability and efficient operation of the plant.

The C2PN Ergie biogas installation is an excellent example of how biogas technology can reduce the environmental impact of energy production while providing a reliable source of energy to local communities. Thanks to Sioen’s high-quality membranes and C2PN’s expertise in operating the installation, this biogas plant is a major step towards a greener future.

The plant was delivered by Evalor, with the support of Agrotel for the biogas roofs.

In brief

3 000m²
Structure type
Anaerobic digester
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