Galion 2, a biogas project in Martinique

Sioen provided the membranes for the biogas installations Galion 2, the first power plant in Overseas France to produce electric power using biomass only.

  • Martinique, France
  • Biogas Master Type - B6166
  • 6 000m²

Biomass energy is gaining traction as an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to generate power and steam, and Albiona's Galion 2 is one of the first power plants in Overseas France to make the switch. Sioen is proud to have provided the membranes for the bagasse's storage of the energy plant, enabling it to produce electricity and low-pressure steam with biomass only. This exciting milestone marks a new era in sustainable energy production in Martinique and highlights the importance of investing in renewable energy sources.

Bagasse as biomass

This is a project of energy producer Albioma and is the first power plant in Overseas France to produce electric power and low-pressure steam using biomass only. With an installed capacity of 40 MW, this plant is expected to represent 19% of the total demand from the grid. As a result, renewable electricity as a share of total production in Martinique has tripled from 5% to 19%.

During sugar harvests, the plant is supplied with bagasse (a fibrous residue of sugar cane) under the terms of a partnership with the neighbouring sugar refinery. The rest of the year, other locally-sourced biomass is used, including cane straw, chipped green waste and lagging waste, as well as wood pellets imported from the United States and stored in large domes.

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Biomass based electricity: a win-win

Albioma has leveraged their expertise in recovering energy from bagasse (the dry pulpy fibrous material that remains after crushing sugarcane or sorghum) to become a reliable partner for industrial sugar refiners. With 16 power plants and a total capacity of 889 MW, Albiona generates 138 KWh of energy for every ton of sugarcane exported. In this sustainable model sugar mills provide Albiona with bagasse in return for steam and electricity, giving them a competitive edge. In addition, energy efficiency of the Albiona plants also allows them to sell the surplus power to electricity distributors, helping them keep up with increasing demand.

Why Sioen was chosen

Sioen membranes were chosen for their unparalleled durability and performance. With an inner and outer membrane that create a double-skin to contain raw biogas, and a second for climate protection, Sioen was the obvious choice due to their technical expertise and excellent warranty. The Sioen biogas range is especially resilient to chemical attacks from biomass, providing record durability. The stable and controlled formulation of this material, along with its specific coating technology, makes it highly resistant to damage from fermenting matter and from harsh weathering conditions. With Sioen, any biomass project, wether it is for generating energy or storing biomass, can be sure of long-lasting protection and performance.

Galion 2 power plant of Albioma

In brief

Latin America
6 000m²
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