A 40m high air supported storage dome for pellets in La Reunion

Sioen biogas membrane for wood pellet storage facilities on reunion island. A project of our client Dominion for energy producer Albiona.

  • Réunion, France
  • Biogas Master Type - B6166
  • 20 000m²

Sioen biogas membrane was selected as skin for the Albioma wood pellet storage facilities on reunion island. The huge domes are part of the new import terminal of the company and was constructed by our client Dominion. The latter is a global services and comprehensive projects company that provides clients with solutions to improve the efficiency of their business processes.

Pellet storage facility

This project of Albioma, an idepentant supplier of green energy, aimed to build a state-of-the-art, safe wood pellet storage facility to store 90,000 m3 of imported wood pellets.

The first two domes, each with a diameter of 50m and a total height of 38.95m, formed an essential part of a transition project towards green energy and is providing a storage capacity of 45,000 m3 each.

The decision of the customer to use fabric based domes instead of traditional construction material was based on several factors, including environmental impact, safety during implementation, and construction time. With a cyclone season starting at the end of October, the project was due to be completed before the year's end.

The construction of the first dome was finished on time and with impressive results. Wood pellets are discharged from ships, then loaded into the domes for safe storage and used at the adjecting power plant.

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This project demonstrates our commitment to a safe and efficient energy transition from coal to wood pellets.
by Albioma
dome deployment

In brief

20 000m²
Structure type
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