Sugar storage dome in El Salvador

A cutting edge membrane dome was delivered to store and dry cane sugar before processing in El Salvadore.

  • Izalco, El Salvador
  • Biogas Master Type - B6166
  • 7 500m²

The goal of our client was to construct a highly advanced and secure storage system for refined sugar that is also highly efficient for use as a maturation silo before packaging and as long-term storage. The membrane dome design has provent to be the only system that ensures optimal maturation due to its thermal insulation and ventilation system.

Lightweight pressure positive dome as efficient storage system

Pressure positive membrane domes are an efficient and cost-effective method for storing biomass. These domes have several advantages, including increased storage capacity, low maintenance, weather resistance, and being environmentally friendly.

The dome shape and membrane material are lightweight, making them cheaper to construct and maintain than traditional storage methods which include massive primary structures components.

The stored biomass is protected from the elements, reducing the risk of fermentation and denaturation of the cane sugar qualities.

TImelapse dome construction in El Salvadore

In brief

Latin America
7 500m²
Structure type
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