We help our customers excel

We want our customers to excel in their jobs. We want them to be successful and to be able to satisfy their own customers. If you are an architect, manufacturer, installer, power plant developer or anyone else who is planning on using Sioen membranes in projects (or who has done that already), you can count on us.

We can provide you with the right membranes for your project, while you can make our products shine in your innovative and technical environment. You don’t only work hard for your own interest, you also want the end users to enjoy and appreciate your work. A successful project needs at least three parts: a solid structure in a creative design and our high quality membranes.

Exceptional partnerships

Our membranes are known for their excellent quality. The innovative products that are created by our Research and Development department are perfect for all types of challenging projects. Our partnership consists of trust. We have to trust each other’s craftmanship. Our partnership can grow and together we can accomplish large projects. Those involve a lot of responsibility.

All Sioen membranes are lightweight and allow you to go beyond the boundaries of your imagination. You can design according to your creativity and put your unique signature on every building.

We make the end user excel

We want power plant operators to excel at their job. We want energy producers to excel. We want you to excel in sustainability. by using green energy that is generated with biomass in plants that are erected with Sioen biogas membranes.

Protected with membranes, biomass develops faster and better into biogas.