Biogas installations first and foremost must be safe. The biggest risk factor for the operation of any biogas plant is the risk of explosion. An explosion can kill and maim people in an instant. Unless great care is taken explosions can occur without any warning, and there is no time to think again.

Thanks to chemical additives that are added to the coating layer, the membranes are "M2" rated (Flammable materials with low flammability), very UV resistant. All of our membranes are watertight, low wick and antimicrobial. Thanks to our special fibre treatment, the moisture cannot enter the fabric and your membrane keeps the initial lustre for many years.

That final lacquering increases the durability of the product and enhances cleanability. Depending on the base fabric that is chosen, the Sioen biogas range shows an impressive resistance.

Our membranes include a warranties, depending on the type of membrane. That warranty will make you feel even more comfortable, as you know that the fabric you have chosen will last such a long time.

You can rely on our production processes and the high-quality raw materials we use. We are proud that we master all elements of a tensile membrane in-house. We produce our own yarns, have our own weaving mills, produce our master batches (colouring solutions) ourselves and have our own coating lines. By doing so, we closely monitor the quality, making sure you get the best membrane for your design.

Do you understand the differences between Euroclasses, M or B1 fire ratings in the European Union, and why these standards exist? Sioen helps you make sense of it all. In certain cases, using certified fire retardant products is compulsory. Therefore, it is important to know which fire certificate is suitable for your project, and Sioen can help you make the right decision.

By using fire retardant products, you can be assured that your work site is up to code and safe for everyone. Our wide selection of products includes Euroclasses and M and B classifications to ensure that you can find the right product for your project.