Our 200-headed R&D department sets the standard in coated technical textiles and develops new products and processes. Thanks to having our in-house testing lab, we can offer you personalised solutions. In addition, having our own lab means shorter development times as well as flexible adaptations to your needs. It also means that we can test the compliance with the safety standards of our products ourselves.

Innovation is in our blood and leads to creative solutions. We love to work in close collaboration with customers, listening to their specific requirements and needs. As we master the production of all components of the textiles ourselves, we can rapidly engineer and produce, tailored to the required specs.

The range of Sioen biogas membranes is produced according to 4 cutting-edge technologies, each contributing to high quality membranes for textile architecture and tensioned structures.

We produce most of our raw materials ourselves in order to have full control of quality and processes. The choice of producing yarns, woven fabrics, films and pigments ourselves has a high economic and ecological value. This double reinsurance for both quality and sustainability makes us your ideal partner for all your biogas structures.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our company has numerous certificates and is a member of many professional associations. We consider it our duty to be a leading example in biogas industry, both with the products we produce, the way we produce them and the values we apply along the way. By being a member of professional associations and more specifically, by playing an active role in them, we contribute to improving the industry and, thus, society as a whole.

As a market leader, we also assure you the best product warranties, specific per product, colour and application.

CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, is more than a set of rules we have to abide by. As a family business, with family values, we want to take a firm stand on all social and environmental issues. Through our engagements, we make a positive change in the world, starting in our own backyard.

As we have a vertically integrated organisation, we have a major impact on sustainability. In biogas, we also set the standard on this subject. On our dedicated CSR (ESG) website you can find our actions and sort them according to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.